How We Work

The principles we live and build by…

Our business is personal.

We’re always aware that our work place is your personal space, and we strive to minimize the disruption that construction can bring to the comfort and routine of your home. But our business is also personal in that it’s about close working relationships with our clients. We choose our clients carefully, and expect you to be as careful in your choice of a builder. It’s important to like the people who are going to be in your home on a daily basis. We’re proud of how comfortable our clients feel with our team. Once we’ve established a relationship with a new client, they’re often a client for life. We think that says a lot about our dependability and the trust we inspire.

We build dreams.

Our work is about much more than specifications, schedules and lines on the plans — it’s about helping you achieve your dreams for your home. That means our most important job is to listen, to understand your hopes and your vision so we can make them a reality. We also appreciate that you may have concerns about the way your project is handled and completed and we work to clearly identify and address whatever may come up, so you can rest a little easier.

At the foundation of our company, it’s about value and doing it right.

Construction can be complicated, but a well-managed project will find value in every step of the process. The value starts with doing it right the first time. Often that means getting involved early, while the project is in the design stage. In this phase we can offer suggestions for value engineering — solutions that ensure you get the most for your construction dollar. Strong organizational skills allow us to track up-to-the-minute details on costs for every phase of your project, helping us to bring it in on time and on budget. And our collaborative team approach with architects, subcontractors and you, our client, means we can move forward efficiently while creating a single source for clear and accountable communication.

With a view towards repair and maintenance.

Our work doesn't end with the final coat of paint or the finishing detail. Even the most finely crafted homes need service and maintenance from time to time. We apply the same eye for quality and the same detail of attentive craftsmanship to the maintenance as we do in the building or renovating of your home.